About Us

Welcome to STRIDE®

STRIDE® Pedorthic Center is your destination for injury prevention, pain relief, body wellness, intelligent footwear fitting and orthotic correction. For motion-related injury prevention and pain relief, come to STRIDE® Pedorthic Center where we Improve How You Move!

Our History

STRIDE® Pedorthic Center has been providing the highest quality customer care in Connecticut since 1989.

STRIDE® custom foot orthotics are handcrafted on premises by expert pedorthists and fabricators. STRIDE® orthotics are incomparable, superbly effective and very comfortable.

Our Vision

Using STRIDE'S® patented evaluation methods, our clinicians identify your foot type and explain the pain and injuries to which you are most susceptible.

At STRIDE® Pedorthic Center we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive, expert care in Northern COnnecticut!

Our Mission

STRIDE® Pedorthic Center is a company devoted to a level of orthotic intervention that promotes optimal customer and patient satisfaction. At Stride, we not only utilize quality materials and patient specific orthotic design, but we also provide an extensive service oriented environment catering to the needs of our individual customers.


Dear Roberta, Thank you is such an understatement when what you've done has made such a change in my life. I was so sure surgery was my only hope. Pain has altered my mind and body. I had resigned myself to sedentary living, limping and lots of medication to function. Then you! You made sense! You took the time to explain my problems. You created this extrodinary orthotic that changed my walk, shifted my balance and gave me back my mobility. Heel - Toe walking is back! How grateful I am with every step. Sincerely, Mary Lou S.

Dear Roberta, I'd like to thank you for making it possible for me to get my feet properly fit and to make it cost effective. I feel all of you bring your hearts to work with you and it shows. You are one in a million!

Annete O

Dear Roberta, Thank you SO MUCH for giving your time and attention to my daughter and for fixing her orthotics. I appreciate your kindness and generosity. God Bless you!


Danielle B