STRIDE® Pedorthic Center is your destination for injury prevention, pain relief, body wellness, intelligent footwear fitting and orthotic correction.

Biomechanical Experts

Using STRIDE'S® patented evaluation methods, our clinicians identify your foot type and explain the pain and injuries to which you are most susceptible.

At STRIDE® Pedorthic Center our experienced Pedorthists give you a complete Biomechanical Evaluation

We conduct a thorough gait analysis to measure how you walk and how your body moves through the phases of gait.

We take a series of complex measurements, both weight bearing ond non-weightbearing to form a picure of the way you stand and move.


At our Biomechanical Wellness Center you will be evaluated by a dedicated pedorthist who will analyze the way you walk, discuss recommendations with you, and follow your diagnosis and progress through the entire process.

  •     Inventor of patented technology with a proven 95% success rate
  •     Expert care from our team of experienced pedorthists
  •     Our skilled fabricators make and adjust your orthotics on site
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Our services

For motion-related injury prevention and pain relief, come to STRIDE® Pedorthic Center where we Improve How You Move!

Expert Evaluation

Using a patented, proprietary lower extremity biomechanical evaluation technique, STRIDE® clinicians identify the causes of patients' pain and the injuries to which they are most susceptible

Diabetic Program

Patients with Type 2 Diabetes are prone to diabetic neuropathy which commonly affects the feet. Fortunately this can be accommodated by a qualified shoe fitter.


Stride carries a full line of premium quality footwear by New Balance, Anodyne, Orthofeet, Vionic, Samuel Hubbard and more! We carry Diabetic footwear, sandals and athletic shoes.

Custom Foot Orthotics

STRIDE® custom foot orthotics are the culmination of masterful gait analysis and craftmanship. They are handcrafted on premises by expert pedorthists and fabricators

Prefabricated Foot Orthotics

QUADRASTEP custom-to-foot-type prefabricated foot orthotics for adults and littleSTEPS foot orthotics for kids are as close as you can get to custom orthotics without being casted.


For patients that need more motion control than a foot orthotic can provide, we cast our patients for devices that stabilize the ankle as well as aligning it with the foot.

Meet Our Team

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Our Team

Stride® Pedorthic Center

Scott LaBianco, BOCPD

Stride® Facility Director

Roberta Nole, MA, PT, C.Ped

Owner and Inventor of the 24 Foot Typing System